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PV instant powdery sodium silicate


(Instant sodium silicate, Instant Water glass)

PV instant powdery sodium silicate series are even antifreezing white powdery materials; Molecular formula: Na2O.nSiO2.H2O The number of N is determined by specification and uses.

Developed by Zhejiang University and produced by our factory, PV instant powdery sodium silicate series are mainly used in kiln spray-fixing material, formless refractory materials, casting industry, warming material and adhesive of coating industry; moreover, it can be used as thickener in the drilling of petroleum, activator of flyash cement, or used as degreasing, dust-removing, filling and buffer of synthetic detergent, industrial cleaning agent and P-free washing powder, It also can be used in the application range of liquid water glass.

Technical indexes:

Index Model Modulus
Sodium oxide
Dissolving speed
Bulk density
(pass percent on
120mesh screen)
PV 1 2.00±0.10 50.0-53.0 24.0-28.0 40 0.4-0.8 95%
PV 2 2.30±0.10 52.0-55.0 22.0-25.0 40 0.5-0.8 95%
PV 3 2.85±0.10 57.0-61.0 18.0-22.0 - 0.5-0.8 95%
PV 4 3.00±0.10 59.0-63.0 18.0-22.0 - 0.5-0.8 95%
PV 5 3.40±0.10 62.0-66.0 17.0-21.0 - 0.5-0.8 95%

(1) Tasting method of Dissolving speed : 1% powdery sodium silicate added into water in 30℃,stirring it and count its dissolving time.

(2) We can offer special products (other fineness) to customers with special requirements.

Packing: one high pressure PE bag lined 3-in-1 composite bag or two high pressure PE bags lined woven bag, Net wt 25kg.

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