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Sodium metasilicate heptahydrate (granule)


It is antifreezing, non-toxic, odorless and nuisance-free white granular matter, is easy to dissolved in water.

It can be used as binder of large-area dry fixing material of revolving furnace; its features include:

1, It can be heated and melted quickly, thus it can flow and fix the faults of revolving furnace automatically.

2, During the period of fixing, it doesn't release fume, thus it is environment-friendly products.

3, Fast sintering capacity, its sintering time is 20-30min only, this it offers on bad effects to the operation of revolving furnace.

4, It has good operational life, especially for revolving furnace, it can increase the life of revolving furnace.

5, Packing is one high pressure PE bag lined PP woven bag, Net wt 25kg.

6, It can be block in moist or high temperature condition, thus it should avoid moisture and insolation.

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